South Nashville Couple Loses Dog After Hit-And-Run

NASHVILLE, TN — A 2-year-old bloodhound named Daisy Duke is lost after her owners’ car flipped during a South Nashville hit-and-run.

Around 6:30 p.m. Friday near the El Chico Cafe at 1132 Murfreeboro Pike, Kristen Hollis and Michael Beasley were hit and sent into the median, flipping the car. It was then that Daisy was ejected.

"All we’ve been doing this past weekend is searching for this dog," Hollis told NewsChannel 5. "We’ve covered grounds all the way from Taco Bell to Briley Parkway. Searched every neighborhood, every apartment complex, all the woods around here."

Daisy is brown and tan and skittish. There is a reward for her return.

Anyone with information has been encouraged to call Michael at 615-454-7781 or Kristen at 615-974-4395.

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